About the Artist
Elizabeth Bordner paints with oils on canvas and wood, blending clear, primary colors with black in such a way that they sort, rather than separate, giving a translucent quality to the composition as a whole.  Her creations involve a meticulous placement of lines and form that create probing, alternative space, allowing the viewer to float within.... the homeland of the pisces.

With provocative depth, Bordner creates figures; the human body, a pear, an onion, an unknown form... each taking unique motion.  The couple having a conversation seem to trade places when viewed from a distance adn appear three-dimensional, giving an illusion of physical solidity and tanqibility. The figures are hinding, dancing, and never skirting the issue of tactility, pleasing and interesting to the senses. it is in fact, this very tactile emotion that stimulates Elizabeth Bordner to create.

Influenced by Cezanne, Picasso, and Kandinsky, Bordner prefers working in a natural light, when bringing her impressionistic, abstract illustrations to the canvas. After winning a Pennsylvania State Juried Show i high school, she was convinced that her creative voice would be found in drawing and painting.

She studied figute and anatomy, mixing them with the intrique of her personal abstrate language. With an innate sense of cubism that has evolved to borderline illusion, color and line are the energy that drives Brodner's abstract expressionism. 

Bordner attended Parsons School of Design and Moore College of Art and Design, where she received a BFA and graduated Cum Laude. She lives a quite life in Bucks County, PA, and enjoys exploring the creative atmosphere of our area.  Through her talent and determination, Elizabeth Bordner has claimed her place as a Bucks county Artist. Her paintings and murals have found there way into a variety of private and public collections.