Artist Statement



My work is really driven by my mood and emotion at the time, it is what drives me to create at this point in my career, I have always been fascinated by the figure my main focal point in college. Gesture and capturing the essence of the figure, object, or space.  Capturing the complexity in a few lines, enhanced by primary color adding provocative depth.  

I have an extreme love of nature and been drawn to trees my whole life, on a physical and symbolic level.  I combine trees and the figure often, portrayed in my evolution series and growth of self-series. I have been through devastating hurdles in my personal life, but the light always shines through and that is a big theme in my art, sometimes unintentionally and sometimes deliberately.   Depth, light, and the essence of the subject matter at the time, is what I am driven to capture in my art.

I work in oil on canvas or wood panel, sometimes thin layers of paint and often now in thick layers applied by palette knife and then scratching images into the paint, again depending on my mood at the moment.  I have a great love of oil paint and its luscious qualities.